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Innovative technological developments

Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011 to revolutionise the following four areas: delivery of medicine, in vitro diagnostics, airway management and DVT prophylaxis. Having a global vision in the field, Medcaptain’s goal is to be a captain in the medical device industry. As a result of innovative R&D activities, the company owns more than 200 patents, 34 software copyright licenses and the authorship of several pieces of leading technology.

Nutrition support plays a major role in preserving and improving the metabolism of the body and the organs during any type of intensive care, helping restore the patient's immune function. Medcaptain's nutrition solutions cover both enteral and parenteral nutrition, as well as the combination of enteral and parenteral nutrition for patients.


NAVI-60 vein finder provides a real-time accurate image of subdermal blood vessels, giving doctors an opportunity to assess the condition of the vein and reducing the risk of venipuncture.

With the help of NAVI-60 vein finder, the hospital can reduce healthcare costs, improve patient safety and satisfaction.


Medcaptain offers a complete and easy-to-use OR solution.

It decreases the workload of medical staff and chance of errors, as well as protects the patient’s safety during surgery.

IV anaesthesia infusion treatment management system: offers an integrated solution for medication delivery and blood transfusion; improves space management in the OR; connects to manual anaesthesia systems to facilitate easier management and collection of infusion data to achieve more precise anaesthesia.

When treating critically ill patients, the foundation of first aid and resuscitation is airway management. VS-10 series video laryngoscope offers visualised intubation, allowing medical staff to be constantly aware of the situation and ultimately lead the process to ensure smooth and safe intubation.

The coagulative function during the perioperative period is affected by several factors. Thromboelastography helps to visualise the dynamic changes of the patient’s coagulation to pinpoint the reason behind abnormal coagulation, help the doctors understand patient’s coagulation in depth and give a theoretical basis for further clinical treatment.

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