Invasive radiology and cardiology

Invasive radiology and cardiology

MEDILINK Ltd. cooperates with manufacturers such as Balton, EuroCor, Pfm Medical and Vesalio, whose range of products includes everyday technologies for invasive radiology and cardiology.

We offer:

  • Balloon catheters of different sizes;
  • Cardiovascular and peripheral stents;
  • Guidewires;
  • Valvuloplasty balloon catheters;
  • Other products.

Innovative technologies:

  • Occluders for different cardiac defects;
  • Bifurcation stents;
  • Stent retrievers for acute stroke therapy;
  • Neuroprotection equipment.

MEDILINK Ltd. is working on attracting new manufacturers, thus providing our hospitals with the latest and most innovative medical technologies for safer and more efficient patient care and treatment.

Contact person

Epp Kivisaar

Head of sales